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Air Duct

HVAC balancing involves optimizing air and water flow in HVAC systems for residential and commercial buildings, ensuring even distribution and adequate airflow throughout all spaces. Services include testing and adjusting heating and cooling systems for balanced performance.


Underground Duct Testing


Using a high pressure Oriflow duct tester, the capabilities of our testing spectrum expands to underground ductwork, kitchen shafts, stairwell shafts and any other high capacity system up to 9" of static.  


Manual J is a protocol developed by HVAC engineers for accurately sizing residential HVAC systems to ensure proper cooling and heating. It involves data collection for HVAC load calculation, ensuring indoor comfort regardless of outdoor temperatures.


The Building & Safety Division collaborates with contractors and homeowners to promote safe building design and construction, enforcing local codes and standards. Its goal is to ensure safety for homeowners, workers, and the public. Obtaining building permits is essential for HERS Testing and compliance with Title 24 standards.


The HERS rating assesses a building's energy performance to ensure compliance with California Department of Energy regulations. Conducted by HERS raters, this evaluation checks the proper installation of HVAC systems and insulation in new or altered residential and non-residential buildings.


In California, both residents and business owners are adopting measures for greater energy efficiency, ranging from home insulation upgrades to switching to LED lighting. These changes not only reduce the carbon footprint but also lead to considerable savings on energy costs through reduced consumption. Such collective efforts contribute to combating climate change and minimizing waste.

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