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Do ductless units need to be certified? 

Yes, even though diagnostic testing may not be needed, ductless systems require verification that the line set is within the manufacturer's guidelines. 


Why isn't my contractor doing the testing? 

HERS raters are specifically trained to perform HERS testing and input data into the CEC providers’ portal. This process also eliminates any conflict of interest of having contractors test their own work. 


Do commercial properties need HERS-testing or duct leakage testing? 

Yes, commercial properties do need Title 24 testing but it’s not called HERS testing. It is known as California mechanical acceptance testing and the type of tests vary based on Title 24 plans. 


Are you NEBB or AABC certified? 

No we are not. We are proudly certified by the National Comfort Institute. NCI is accepted by Ashrae 111 and SMACNA. We are licensed by the CSLB for air and water balancing. We are also deputy inspectors for air balancing in the City of Los Angeles.  

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